• A fantastic book for people parenting teenagers and for teens themselves-Dan Siegel's-Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain.

  • Whether you are a parent of someone with a diagnosis of ADHD/ADD or you yourself have the diagnosis or feel like you can resonate with aspects of it, I would highly recommend this book by Gabor Maté-Scattered: How attention deficit disorder originates and what you can do about it.

  • If you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, Áine Tubridy's-When Panic Attacks is a great tool in understanding both what is happening to you and the strategies that can help.

  • Trauma comes in many forms in our experience of being human and can hugely impact people's lives. A useful book to support the road of healing is Peter Levine's-Waking the Tiger: Healing trauma.

  • Gabor Maté's-In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts; Close encounters with addiction is the most realistic and informative book I have read on addiction. I would recommend it to anyone who has suffered addiction themselves or who has experienced watching a loved one struggle with addiction.

YouTube Clips

A worthwhile watch of the wonderful Brené Browne speaking about the power of vulnerability.

Brené again, speaking about listening to shame.

Dan Siegel describes what happens the teenage brain during adolescent development and explains some of the challenges experienced during this time.

Self compassion is so important. If you have children they will learn self compassion from you practicing it towards yourself.

People become addicted to deal with pain. "The real question in addiction is not why the addiction. It is why the pain?" Gabor Maté gives an insighful talk on addiction.

Johann Hari explains why he believes a lot of what we are taught about addiction is wrong. A very helpful message encouraging connection, support and compassion. Every person needs to have a purpose.

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